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Welcome to Ted Richmond's Wilderness Library

Who was James Theodore Richmond? What was the Wilderness Library? What happened to Ted after his disappearance in the mid-1950's? You'll find the answers here and in the "Down Twilight Trail" online book.

NOTE: To this day, many people in Newton County, Arkansas have heard the story of Ted's disappearance from the area. This story, has carried on for many years, however recently I have learned that Ted went on to live a very fulfilling life after he left his wilderness home.

Library 2002
J.L. Raney Branch of the Wilderness Library in 2002

Original Library
and in the 1950's.

Feel free to browse and share this web site with your friends and neighbors. There is much we still do not know about this great American, a true legend of his time.

We are always looking for more information, stories, and pictures. Feel free to post them or send them to dennis@wildernesslibrary.com

Dennis L. Raney, (grandson of Jefferson Leroy Raney)
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